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Once a hosting conference production organization — or cooperating set of organizations — has been approved, the Ecocity Focus Lab moves into planning stage in partnership with Ecocity Builders. A clear, well-organized flow of information is tantamount to a successful conference.


Ecocity Focus Lab strives to further the legacy of the Ecocity World Summit as pioneering and open to a wide range of interests and perspectives. The hosts should agree that the core themes and concerns of the Ecocity Focus Lab series as laid out in this manual are furthered.


Ecocity Builders representatives are official advisors to the planning process but local organizers are solely responsible for matters of communication and coordination with all subcontractors in the production process. This includes but is not limited to seeking partners and sponsors; negotiating for venue facilities and services; inviting and coordinating travel; negotiating with presenters about program; payment for expenses and speakers’ fees; and provision for meals, entertainment and special events.

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Criteria for Selection

Applications will be approved on the basis of the following criteria:

R Potential for inspiring and furthering the ecocity movement worldwide Political commitment of the City Administration

RCreative and attractive ideas RProposals that further the aims and objectives of the Ecocity Focus Lab Involvement of advantageous partners RProven experience of managing large projects over time RSound financial planning giving good value
RProposals that further actual policy, design, planning and building of ecocity elements
RDemonstration of logistical capacity such as international access and accommodations

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