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  • Potential hosts should ensure that their proposals are in line with the following general objectives. All proposals should offer innovative and original approaches to ecocity development and education.
  • 1. Cities becoming ecocities
    • The Ecocity Focus Lab Ecocity Conference Series can showcase both the “new towns” approach and the “transform existing cities” approach that aspire to meet goals of urban ecological health, social justice and equity. We want to promote approaches addressing basic principles for healthy whole- systems transformation that harmonize the built and natural environments and their constituent parts.
  • 2. Demonstrating appropriate prioritization towards the goal
    • We also seek to demonstrate an understanding of true proportions and how to prioritize between the large and important transformational tasks and their smaller steps. Many technologies and practices are helpful but only in the right location relative to other functions of the city and its geography, culture, climate and biology.
  • 3. Cutting across scales, systems and particulars
    • We seek solutions over all scales, from the single technological item to the whole system; from the small village and town to the city and metropolis, to the planet. The term “ecocity” denotes the ecologically healthy total built community at all scales.
  • 4. Connecting people with Ecocity knowledge
    • The conference series aspires to provide the best information among its participants relative to their interests and to connect people of a wide variety of kindred disciplines and cross-cutting projects associated with the conference’s major themes. In our case, our chief objective is to facilitate outcomes, including new and refreshed partnerships and collaborations that help build and run the healthy cities of the future.
  • 5. Promoting the host city
    • The conference series serves to spotlight the best in the ecocity offerings of the host city and to bring them enhanced success in their relevant work.
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